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Kristin Bjork Kristjansdottir / Kira Kira





Kristín Björk Kristjánsdóttir (born 1977) is an Icelandic artist, musician and filmmaker.

Born in Reykjavik and based in Stokkseyri, Iceland, Kristin has composed experimental ambient music and soundscapes under the Kira Kira moniker since year 2000. Her first album Skotta (2005) holds her early compositions for contemporary dance and theatre as well as sound installations, while the releases that followed took a turn into adventurous pop with a 5 piece band that toured with her for some years. Through her 2012 release Feathermagnetik, when she was based in Berlin, Kristin returned to creating music for theatre and film as well as writing and directing her own films.

Kristin founded music collective/label Kitchen Motors alongside Johann Johannsson and Hilmar Jensson in 1999 and spearheaded a handful of Icelandic artists including múm, Skuli Sverrisson and Hildur Gudnadottir, around the world in various musical explorations where they would collaborate with local artists and kindred spirits.

In 2011, Kristin's first film "Grandma Lo-fi," co-created with Orri Jonsson and Inga Birgisdottir, won the sound & vision award at CPH DOX and consequently became a festival darling, playing at MoMa, SXSW, IFFR and hundreds of international film festivals.

Kristin first came into film scoring through Daniel Stessen, the creator of hybrid animated TV series "Dream Corp LLC" who invited her to write music for 3 seasons on Adult Swim alongside Chad Van Gaalen during a time where she was living part time in Los Angeles where she performed with The Echo Society and wrote the album "Motions Like These" with composer Brendan Angelides.
Since then, Kristin has scored features and shorts alongside her own projects.

Kristin has 5 solo albums out as a recording artist, released Internationally on various labels like Berlin's Morr Music, Tokyo's Afterhours, California's Time Released Sound and Smekkleysa.

In 2023-2024, Kristin is focusing on releasing her new films, "We The Lightnings" and "Flowers To The Bone" featuring her music and animation Sara Gunnarsdóttir as well as Mitch Pond.
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